Japanese Society of Gastroenterology

Award Recipients

2019 research fellowship award report

Dr. Cameron KMW Schauer

     It was an honour to be selected from New Zealand as a recipient of the JSGE Research Fellowship Program. The goals of my Fellowship were to improve my luminal endoscopy, in particular in-vivo endoscopic diagnosis resection of lesions with ESD. I was fortunate to be placed at the NTT Medical Center under the guidance of Dr Matsuhashi and Dr Ohata. Here I was exposed to many new techniques, ideas and a passion for teaching Endoscopy that in my experience is unmatched. They created an incredibly supportive environment, with amazing patience to explain, demonstrate and then supervise me in performing all aspects of endoscopy, including diagnostic pre-ESD examinations using magnification, virtual and dye chromoendoscopy and then mucosal resection, including EMR-L, EMR-C and ESD.
     In addition, they showed me through their action and observation how to improve as a teacher myself. At their institution, teaching is seen as an expectation and taken very seriously. There was a constant and unwavering pursuit of excellence, and I was inspired by their dedication to this craft, astonishing attention to detail, understanding, knowledge and then finally execution of complex procedures.
     I am exceptionally grateful to everyone on the team, including my supervisors, Dr Ohata and Dr Muramoto and my mentors, Dr Minato and Dr Konishi who were always friendly and supportive. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and got to know all of the team and other trainees, with Japanese hospitality and teachings of culture and of course delicious Japanese food. Furthermore, we all managed to improve our English and Japanese and intend to keep in touch, with collaborations to come in the future.
     I would also like to thank Ms Miyazaki from the JSGE who was so kind and helpful in every aspect of organisation of this Fellowship.

Dr. Didik Prasetyo

     I am very grateful and proudly to be an awardee of JSGE Research Fellowship Program Award 2019. I was assigned to Uonuma Kikan Hospital in Urasa, Niigata University. I was greeted warmly by Prof. Takeshi Suda and his team. Prof. Takeshi Suda is my course director, he had taken care of me with warm welcome as a family member.
     During 4-month period, from August 1st – Nov 29st . I have learned many gastroenterohepatology cases in Uonuma Kikan Hospital. I furthered my skill of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic techniques under supervision. I learned clinical applications of magnifying endoscopy, H. Pylori Infection and gastric cancer screening from Prof. Yagi. These knowledges improves my skill to detect and treat early gastric cancer which would be necessary for my country. Futhermore, I also being an observer in ESD tehniques for many gastric cancer cases from dr. Hoshi.
     Moreover, I have chances to perform ERCP and EUS screening. I learned a lot of knowledges and techniques of EUS from Shinichi Morita, MD., Ph.D and Santoshi Abe, MD who have excellent talents of teaching through pictures. I further my skills on ERCP procedures and learned novel ERCP techniques and devices. I have exposed to tremendous procedures of EUS, EUS-FNA, delicate selective endoscopic drainage of hilar cholangiocarcinoma by inside stents, Endoscopic drainage for wall-off necrosis (WONs) using Axios stent, and endoscopic necrosectomy. All these procedures were accomplished by highly skilled endoscopists with excellent teamwork. In Hepatology procedures, I have learned many procedures such as PTGBD, PTCD, TACE and using sonazoid to detect HCC. Prof. Takeshi Suda teach me very well.
     Prof. Takeshi Suda guided me during the whole JDDW event in Kobe. We together joined the symposiums and visited nice places in Kobes. I could feel the enthusiasm and ambition of Japanese doctors in research field in JDDW. I think it one of the most It is a prestisious events in gastroenterohepatology field in the world.
     These fellowship programme briefly increases my gastroenterohepatology skills and also bring confidence to practice in my country, Indonesia. I hope, All of those knowledge, education, experience and also this great friendship would lead a path for future collaborations, not only for me but also for my institutions and my country, and I am still waiting for next projects from JSGE in the near future. Finally, I would like to thank Ms. Yukiko Miyazaki for her assistance during application process.

Dr. Saurabh Kedia

     It is a great privilege and honor for me to be awarded the prestigious JSGE fellowship for the year 2019. First and foremost, I would like to thank the Indian Society of Gastroenterology, which nominated my name and my mentor Prof Vineet Ahuja, who supported me for this fellowship. I would also express my sincere thanks to the JSGE board members and my mentors in Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Prof Mamoru Watanabe, Dr Kiichiro Tsuchiya, Dr Shiro Yui, and Dr Ryuchi Okamoto, who were very supportive to me during my stay in Tokyo, and taught me the aspects of regenerative medicine in IBD.
     I had a wonderful scientific as well as cultural experience during my training and I am extremely thankful to JSGE for taking excellent care in terms of local stay and the facilities provided. I was guided very well at TMDU in a structured and a meticulous fashion, which facilitated my learning and eased out my apprehensions of a new place, new team and a relatively new science. I had an excellent interaction with the other students working in the lab, and everyone in the department of Gastroenterology at TMDU was very kind and generous to me.
     The fellowship also provides an excellent opportunity for building up new collaborations which would provide a unique opportunity to study the similarities and differences of similar diseases in two ethnically different populations, and advance the scientific standards globally.
     I also had the opportunity to witness the beauty of Japanese landscape and culture during these three months and have taken back extremely good memories. This program is an excellent initiative by the JSGE as it connects the physicians and scientists of different Asian countries and imparts excellent training to the upcoming gastroenterologists.

2018 research fellowship award report

Dr. Hsing-Chien Wu

     I am from Taiwan, and JSGE fellowship program is an unbelievable trip for me. I decided to join the program before I am too old and was very excited to be chosen as the awardee. I have very limited experience of clinical research in pancreatic disease, but I have read many articles regarding pancreatitis from research group of Tohoku University. “It is a very good opportunity to work with authors of articles and talk to them face by face,” I thought. I was lucky that JSGE accepted my proposal to visit Tohoku University Hospital for 5 months.
     As a member in pancreaticobiliary group, I am encouraged to join every activities and meeting. I can feel the kindness from the whole hospital. I have exposed to tremendous procedures of EUS, EUS-FNA, ERCP including ERCP in surgically altered anatomy, delicate selective endoscopic drainage of hilar cholangiocarcinoma by inside stents, Endoscopic drainage for wall-off necrosis (WONs) using Axios stent, and endoscopic necrosectomy. All these procedures were accomplished by highly skilled endoscopists with excellent teamwork. I want to thank Professor Masamune and Professor Shimosegawa, who arranged an unforgettable long-stay in Sendai. I would like to thank Dr. Kanno and Dr. Kume for teaching me the endoscopic technique. Especially Dr. Kanno, he spent most of the time sharing the clinical experience with me. I also wanted to say thanks to Dr. Hamada, who is clever and hardworking, for discussion of inspiring ideas in the research field. I will not forget partners including Dr. Kikuta, Dr. Miura, Dr. Takegawa, Dr. Nabeshima, Dr. Hongo, Dr. Matsumoto, and Dr. Tanaka. I’m grateful that the secretary, Miss Abe, helping me to handle some phone calls and bills by Japanese language, since I could not speak Japanese fluently.
     Dr. Kikuta guided me during the whole JDDW event in Kobe. We together joined the symposiums and visited the posters. I could feel the enthusiasm and ambition of Japanese doctors in research field in JDDW. It is a high-class meeting. We enjoyed the dinner party in the 神戶どうぶつ王国 with Professor Shimosegawa and his friends, mostly are distinguished professors in Japan. It’s an amazing experience for me.
     I have already experienced the spirits of Japanese gastroenterology and endoscopy and made some friends in Japan. I hope that I can be good enough to cooperate with Japanese friends to advance the clinical research in the field of gastroenterology and pancreas in the near future.

Dr. Lancharat Chuncharunee

     It is my great opportunity to be an awardee of JSGE Research Fellowship Program Award 2018. I was assigned to Kyoto Perfectural University of Medicine (KPUM). Dr.Konishi, my course director, had taken care of me with warm welcome as a family member.
     During 4-month period, I furthered my skill of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic techniques under supervision of renowned experts in KPUM. I learned clinical applications of magnifying endoscopy, novel techniques and devices for ESD from Dr.Dohi, Dr.Inoue and Dr.Yoshida. Moreover, I have a chance to perform ESD with assistance from my mentors. These knowledges improves my skill to detect and treat early gastric cancer and colon cancer which would be necessary for my country. I learned a lot of knowledges and techniques of EUS from Dr.Sogame and Dr.Yasuda who have excellent talents of teaching through pictures and their words. I performed EUS, EUS-FNA, CH-EUS under their supervision. I further my skills on ERCP procedures and learned novel ERCP techniques and devices from Dr.Konishi and Dr.Kamada.
     With the assistance of my kind GI fellows and GI staffs team in KPUM, I benefited greatly on my skills and my confidence to practice in Thailand. These knowledge and inspiration will pass to following generations of gastroenterologists in my country. I get acquainted with new Japanese friends and Sensei. This friendship will bring collaboration between our countries in the future.
     Finally, I would like to thank Ms. Yukiko Miyazaki for her assistance during application process.

Dr. Phuc Vinh La

   I am La Vinh Phuc, an endoscopist in Can Tho University Hospital. This is a great honours for me to receive the Research Fellowship Program Award of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology.
     I spent nearly 5 magic months at Kindai University Hospital. With the Certificate of Permission of Advanced Clinical Training and under the guidance of many top experts with cutting-edge knowledge and skills here, my knowledge and skills changed dramatically. Now, I can peform endoscopic screening, ESD, EUS, and ERCP better, smoother and safer.
     I would like to express my sincere gratitude to professor Tooru Shimosegawa – President of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology, professor Keiichi Kubota – Director and Chairman of the Asian – Liason Committee, Ms. Yukiko Miyazaki- the Secretariat of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology who organized this wonderful program.
     I would like to thank to professor Ta Long – President of the Viet Nam Association of Gastroenterology, Ms. Cao Thi Hoa – the Secretariat of the Viet Nam Association of Gastroenterology for nominating me as a candidate for JSGE Research Fellowship Program Award 2018.
     I am deeply grateful to Kindai University Hospital, especially professor Hiroshi Kashida – Course Director, professor Naoko Tsuji, Dr. Shigenaga Matsui, Dr. Toshiharu Sakurai, Dr. Yoriaki Komeda, Dr. Tomoyuki Nagai, Dr. Toshiki Okamoto and Dr. Mitsunari Yamada from gastrointestinal team, Dr. Mamoru Takenaka, Dr. Kentaro Yamao, Dr. Shunsuke Omoto, Dr. Kosuke Minaga, Dr. Ken Kamata, and Dr. Atsushi Nakai from pancreatobiliary team as my special instructors, who explained everything to me carefully and gave me many change to practice advanced endoscopy.
     I would like to thank to Dr. Yasushi Sano, Dr. Mineo Iwatate, Dr. Daizen Hirata and colleagues from Sano hospital who encouraged and taught me how to perform colonoscopy and ESD easier, faster and safer.
     With this knowledge and skills, I wish I could help more Vietnamese patients and doctors, for a better health care system in Vietnam.

2017 research fellowship award report

Dr. Phuripong Kijdamrongthum

Dr. Phuripong Kijdamrongthum I would like to thank Japanese Society of Gastroenterology (JSGE) that selected me to be one of research fellows in JSGE Research Fellowship Program in 2017. I had great opportunity to study and work in Department of Gastroenterology, Faculty of Medicine, Shimane University. During 5-month period, I learned about esophageal high-resolution manometry and had opportunity to perform this procedure under supervision that made me having more confidence to perform this test by myself. Moreover, I had opportunity to attend in activities of the department such as morning conference, journal club and endoscopic examinations that I got more knowledge and techniques in gastroenterology, hepatology and endoscopy. It was much valuable for me to develop my skills and beneficial for my career in the future. I would like to thank Professor Yoshikazu Kinoshita, the course director, that allowed me to work in Department of Gastroenterology, Shimane University and encouraged me to do a research about esophageal high-resolution manometry. I would like to thank Dr. Norihisa Ishimura, Dr. Hironobu Mikami, Dr. Kotaro Shibagaki and all staffs in Department of Gastroenterology, Shimane University that taught me about high-resolution manometry, endoscopy and many things about gastroenterology and took care me during my stay in Japan.
Everything that you provided me is very beneficial for me, my hospital and my country.

Dr. Nguyen Nghe Tinh

Dr. Nguyen Nghe Tinh My name is Nguyen Nghe Tinh. I was born in 1987 and am currently working as a gastroenterologist at Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam.
It is a tremendous honor for me to be selected as one of the three Asian young doctors to participate in the JSGE Research Fellowship Program Award in 2017. I also feel honored to be sent to study at Yamagata University Hospital.
First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Professor Tooru Shimosegawa – President of Japanese Society of Gastroenterology and Professor Kazuichi Okazaki – Director and Chairman of the Asian Liaison Committee who selected and gave me the opportunity to join the Fellowship Program. From the bottom of my heart, I would also like to send my appreciation to Professor Yoshiyuki Ueno – Research Fellowship Course Director, who has cared for and helped me a lot since my first days at Yamagata University Hospital. To all my fellow doctors, nurses and secretaries at the Gastroenterology Department – Yamagata University Hospital, especially Dr. Kazuo Okumoto, Dr. Hiroakii Haga, Dr. Kyoko Tomita, Dr. Taketo Nishina, Dr. Mizuno from the Liver Team, thank you all very much for being my close friends, for instructing and helping me in work and life with all your heart. While I was still applying for the award, Ms Yukiko Miyazaki from JSGE helped me enthusiastically, I would like to say thanks to her as well. Last but not least, I would like to say thanks to Professor Ta Long – President of Vietnamese Society of Gastroenterology and Dr. Vu Truong Khanh – Head of Gastroenterology Department, Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi for encouraging and nominating me as a candidate for JSGE Research Fellowship Program Award 2017.
I have been able to learn much in depth about different liver diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatocellular Cancer, PBC and NASH as well as effective diagnosis and treatment methods for each of them. Apart from that, I have been able to gain more experience and advance my knowledge on ultrasonography-guided interventions, for example, liver biopsy, tumor biopsy, radiofrequency ablation and ethanol injection therapy for HCC. Almost everything I have learned from here, honestly speaking, have challenged and completely changed my perspectives on liver diseases before. I am especially grateful to have met and discussed with many leading experts in gastroenterology from Japan and the other two candidates of JSGE Research Fellowship Program Award 2017 from Taiwan and Thailand in JDDW 2017 which has enabled me to encounter new experiments, brought me new friends and broadened my horizon of knowledge. The most important lesson I have learnt from Japanese people we must always be responsible, devoted, disciplined and love every patient with all our heart. Undoubtedly, everything I bring home from here will go with me for the rest of my life. I promise that I will try my best to apply what I have learnt in wherever I work in Vietnam.

Dr. Sz-Iuan Shiu

Dr. Sz-Iuan Shiu My name is Sz-Iuan Shiu from Division of Gastroenterology of Taichung Veterans General hospital in Taiwan. It is my honor to be one of three 2017 research fellowship awardees of JSGE.
I truly appreciate for everyone who had ever helped me during four months’ fellowship in Kindai University Hospital. I believe that encountering people is always the most beautiful thing in journey not scenery. I was fortunate to have Prof. Kashida Hiroshi, Dr. Matsui shigenaga, Dr. Sakurai Toshiharu, Dr. Komeda Yoriaki, and Dr. Nagai Tomoyuki as my instructors. Besides I also met many professionals, experts, and nursing staffs from the same faculty, like Prof. Masatoshi Kudo, Dr. Mikio Shiomi, Dr. Watanabe Tomohiro from hepatology team; Okamoto Toshiki, Dr. Yamada Mitsunari, and Dr. Kōno Tadashi from gastroenterology team; Dr. Takenaka Mamoru, Dr. Imai Hajime, Dr. Yamao Kentarō, Dr. Omoto Shunsuke, Dr. Minaga Kosuke, Dr. Miyata Takeshi, Dr. Kamata Ken, and Dr. Nakai Atsushi from pancreatobiliary team; Prof. Shigeki Shimizu from Department of Pathology; Prof. Yasuhide Kitazawa from Department of Emergency Medicine; Miss Eri Shono, the secretary of Prof. Masatoshi Kudo; Mrs. Miwa, the nursing chief of endoscopic room. Finally, it is interesting for me to be acquainted with doctors not only within Japan but also internally from Kazakh (Kanat Batyrbekov), Russia (Natalia F. Lebedeva), Pakistan (Mirwais Kakar), and Bengal during the fellowship. Communicating and discussing interesting medical issues, customs of different countries, life experiences in the past, and favorite food with teachers/friends above is the best thing during the fellowship.
At last I am grateful to have opportunity to study and live in japan for four months under the support of JSGE and Kindai University Hospital and hope the friendship will last forever.

2016 research fellowship award report

Dr. Mohammed Shafiqul Bhuiyan

Dr. Mann Yie Thian It was my great honour and privilege to receive the research fellowship award from JSGE. During my 4 months fellowship in the Department of Gastroenterology and Oncology at Tokushima University Hospital, I have gained experience in advanced gastrointestinal endoscopic imaging with white light imaging and imaged enhanced endoscopy using eg. NBI, BLI, LCI and skills in Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection(ESD) under the guidance of Dr Takayama, Dr Muguruma, Dr Okamoto, Dr Kitamura, Dr Kimura and Dr Miyamoto.

I have observed ESD cases and attended the live demonstration for ESD in Endo Skill Update in September 2016 which has enhanced my learning in ESD. I have also participated in the ESD workshop for gastric ESD animal models at Tokushima University Hospital. Under the guidance of both my mentors, Dr Okamoto and Dr Kitamura, I performed gastric ESD cases under supervision and assisted in some cases.

This fellowship also provides me a great opportunity to experience japanese culture. One of the highlight of my time in Tokushima was joining the Department of Gastroenterology in Tokushima and thousand of dancers, dancing on the street during the Awa Odori dance festival.

I would like to thank JSGE for this opportunity to participate in this research fellowship program and to all my colleagues at Tokushima University Hospital. Although I have completed my fellowship, I hope that this is only the beginning of our collaboration in the future.

Dr. Quang Dinh Le

Dr. Quang Dinh Le I had a wonderful period in Tokyo. I practiced at NTT Medical Center Tokyo as mordern hospital. The facilitators were experts in field of diagnosis and endoscopic treatment for precancerous lesions and early GI cancer. They were very kind and professional. The Endoscopic Center of NTT Medical Center Tokyo was big and well equipped.

This center has diagnosed and treated successefully a lot of patients with precancerous lesions and early GI cancer by endoscopic treatment (EMR, ESD). Many large-size and difficult approached lesions were cured by ESD.

Fortunately, I attended in ESD hands – on on animal model and praticed advanced endoscopic technique such as NBI with magnification on patients with EGC. Specially, I had perform GESD on patients successfully with their supervision. After training course, I experienced a lot of knowledges and skill from them.

In addition, I recognized that many things need to be done to solve our current problems. This training course brought me a lot of valuable things rather than I expected.

Dr. Rafiz Abdul Rani

Dr. Rafiz Abdul Rani Japan had always been on the frontier of Gastroenterology practices and I was delighted to be awarded the JSGE Research Fellowship Award 2016. I am grateful to JSGE, Professor Shimosegawa and Professor Okazaki for granting this great honour and privilege.

I was assigned to Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine where I was greeted warmly by Professor Itoh and team. My grattitude to Konishi-sensei; my supervisor, for welcoming me as a family and ensuring my wellbeing.

KPUM is the ideal Gastroenterology and Hepatology Centre; one that I hope to emulate at my centre. Well equipped and with a strong research culture, it was certainly an eye opener and learning experience on a daily basis, even to my very last day.

Personalized sessions with Yoshida-sensei, the energetic colorectal ESD expert introducing the concept and fine details behind magnifying image enhanced endoscopy, cold polypectomy, EMR, ESD and the newly established JNET classification. Similar sessions on early gastric cancer, deep enteroscopy and inflammatory bowel diseases ensured lots of exciting discussions and changing of ideas.

The JDDW2016 not only allows fantastic educational updates but also networking opportunities. I am grateful to Professor Kashida for kindly facilitating a visit to his centre; learning the techniques, organization and structure at Kindai University.

Kyoto-shi, well known for its sceneries and cultural attraction was certainly a beautiful city to live in. Observing the Japanese way of life, diligence and work ethics, is a humbling experience and an education in itself.

During this period, I have met many sensei, senpai and friends and made many fond memories. The Japanese techniques, education and experience gleaned would be put to good use and the friendship forged would lead a path for future collaborations and projects in the near future.


2015 research fellowship award report

Dr. Mohammed Shafiqul Bhuiyan

Dr. Mohammed Shafiqul Bhuiyan It is a great privilege and honor for me to be an awardee of JSGE Research Fellowship Program Award 2015. For this I am very much thankful to Professor Dr. Tooru Shimosegawa and all the members of the international committee of JSGE. I also wish to express my deepest gratitude to my course coordinator Professor Dr. Yoshiyuki Yeno for giving me opportunity to learn different GI procedures in his department in Yamagata University Hospital.

It was indeed a great experience for me to get training in such a highly equipped hospital under the supervision of world class renowned and expert gastroenterologists. I learned many technique of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy such as NBI, ESD, EMR, Endosonography, IDUS, EUS FNA, etc. I do believe that those knowledge would help me building up my carrier in future.

Attending the JDDW2015 was the most memorable event in my life. So many scientific seminars, electronic posters and hands on GI procedures enrich and refresh the knowledge and skill of huge number of participants.

As it takes two months to get the ACT certificate and remaining two months are too short to acquire all the skills correctly, the training period can be increased at least six months.

Hoping for the good health of the President and all the members of JSGE.

Dr. Murali Rangan

Dr. Murali Rangan I was posted at Osaka City University under Prof.Tetsuo Arakawa. I learnt a lot in magnification endoscopy, NBI, EMR and ESD techniques. I was very keen on learning EUS and various therapeutic applications of EUS. My EUS tutor was Dr.Sugimori who is not only a good teacher but also a nice human being and a wonderful personality. He took lot of efforts in teaching me various fine points in EUS. Also, he introduced me to other famous professors known for their EUS works like Prof.Yamao and Prof. Kitano. With his assistance, I observed EUS procedures, particularly contrast enhanced EUS at Kinki University also. Apart from Dr.Sugimori, there is a long list of friends who had supported me during this four months stay at Osaka. The most important among them are Dr.Kakiya, Dr.Shiba, Dr.Ominami, Dr.Minamino and Dr.Kitada. I am also grateful to Dr. Tanigawa, Dr. Nadatani and Ms. Miyano for taking care of the logistics regarding my travel and accommodation. I am also indebted to the paramedical team in the endoscopy room, particularly Ms. Naka, Ms. Mizuno & Ms. Mizutani for their very kind emotional and social support which helped me to tide over these 4 months stay away from my family. Apart from the academics, I learnt a lot about Japanese language and culture. I am very impressed by the punctuality and dedication of the people in general and the doctors in particular. I also visited lot of places at Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. I have made lot of wonderful friends in Japan and I carry back home, a lot many pleasant memories which I will cherish for years to come. I am deeply indebted to all the teachers and colleagues at both the universities for teaching me various techniques in endoscopy which I hope to put to the best use in my country for the benefit of the needy. Finally, I want to express my sincere gratitude to JSGE for giving me this fellowship award and I wish many more young gastroenterologists make use of this program in the years to come.

Dr. Trung Quang Tran

Dr. Trung Quang Tran The day when I was officially selected as one of the three awardees among Asian countries was unforgettable one in my life. As a fellow of JSGE Fellowship Award Program 2015, I would like to express my sincere thanks to my teacher-Prof Tran Van Huy and Prof Ta Long, President of VNAGE for nominating me as a representative of Vietnam. I am very grateful to Professors Tooru Shimosegawa, the President of JSGE and Professor Yoshikazu Kinoshita, the Chairman of International committee who selected and directly gave me the very valuable certificate of Commendation. During the process of application for the award, Ms Yukiko Miyazaki from JSGE helped me enthusiastically. I would like to say many thanks to her as well.

This was the second time I studied in Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Nagoya University Hospital. Coming back here, I felt like my hometown. I want to express my deep gratitude to Professor Hidemi Goto, A. Prof Hirooka, A.Prof Miyahara and all the other doctors, nurses, and secretaries here. They treated me really well!

This time, I focused on studying how to identify an early gastric cancer and the practice of ESD technique. This advanced technique would be very necessary in my country since it can help to improve the prognosis of the Vietnamese patients of gastric cancer. For ESD, I performed 3 cases as the main operator, and plenty of cases as the first assistant; The ESD hand-on training at JDDW 2015 also gave me the confidence indeed. Moreover, I could also learn a lot of other nice procedures such as: magnification endoscopy, EUS, DBE. Attending the scientific conference was very fruitful for me with many nice arranged topics at JDDW and other ones in Tokyo and Nagoya.

The Fellowship truly wrote a nice page in my life. I promise to try my best for my patients and students in Vietnam and hope there are more young Vietnamese gastroenterologists who may benefit from JSGE Fellowship Award Program.

2014 research fellowship award report

Dr. Jung-Chun Lin

Dr. Jung-Chun Lin I’m very proud to have joined the research fellow program, learned a lot of knowledge and techniques, and gotten an unforgettable experience. Firstly, I’d like to thank Prof. 下瀬川 徹 and JSGE for having organized this program and giving me an opportunity to win the award. I’m also grateful for Prof. 峯 徹哉 who directed the course in 東海大學醫學部 and 附屬病院 and introduced me to learn in 創造科学技術研究機構. I joined the pancreatic-biliary team led by 川口 義明 先生 who took care of me during these 4 months. The members of the pancreatic-biliary team also include 小川 真実 先生 and 川嶌 洋平 先生. All of them taught me a lot of knowledge about pancreatic and biliary disorders, as well as numerous techniques about ERCP, EUS-FNA, and IDUS. 出来田 牧子 先生 and I studied together and helped each other in these four months. In addition to Prof. 峯, I’m happy to learn much endoscopic knowledge from 鈴木 孝良 先生, who is the leader of the GI team, during endoscopic rounds and discussion. Furthermore, I gratefully attended the 第36回胆汁酸研究會 organized by 加川 建弘 先生 who is the leader of the liver team, and I gained new basic knowledge of liver diseases. Moreover, I’m glad that I could join the lab meeting and have discussions at the office of Prof. 稲垣 豊 who is an expert in liver fibrosis research. Also, I’d like to thank Dr. 紙谷 聡英 because I learned new experiments and knowledge about iPS cell and liver stem cell in his lab. During these 4 months, I also made many Japanese friends such as鶴谷 康太 先生, 安斎 和也 先生, 渡邉 友絵 先生, and 川西 彩 先生. It’s also my pleasure to attend the ATPC and JDDW 2014, because I accessed new knowledge and made friends including山科 雅央 先生 from関西医科大学内科学第三講座and高野 祐一 先生 from 昭和大學藤が丘病院 in these 2 meetings. I’ll join these annual meetings in the future. Finally, I appreciate JSGE and all Japanese mentors and friends who did me a big favor. I hope all of you will attend APDW 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dr. Lam Tung Nguyen

Dr. Lam Tung Nguyen I have studied in Oita University for five years and thus always consider Japan as my second homeland. JSGE research fellowship actually brought me an unspeakable joy of “returning home” in the way that I had never imagined before.

 I was so, so lucky to have come and experienced several institutions including International Center for Global Health and Medicine, National Cancer Center, Tokyo Medical University, Fukushima Medical University Aizu Medical Center and The University of Tokyo. It was truly privileged to see the country’s top experts and teams in action, especially in the field of ERCP, EUS and ESD. I was just a beginner in EUS at the time but one month under the direct supervision of Professor Irishawa has taken my confidence to the level that I had never reached during almost one year of self-study. Working with Itoi team and Isayama team in Tokyo Medical University and The University of Tokyo, respectively, has open my eye to the incredible world of interventional endocopy.

 I am deeply grateful to Dr. Akiyama and his secretary, Ms Kawashiro for their restless effort to arrange everything for me and making my stay so wonderful. I also have a very long list of name to mention, failing to do so would make me feel guilty.

 I would like to thank Dr. Yokoi, Dr. Nagata, Dr. Sekine and Dr. Mikami of International Center for Global Health and Medicine, Dr Yoshinaga and Dr. Saito in National Cancer Center, Dr. Irishawa, Dr Shibugawa, Dr. Imbe, Dr. Yamabe and Dr. Hoshi of Fukushima Medical University Aizu Medical Center, Dr. Itoi and his team in Tokyo Medical University, Dr Isayama and his team in The University of Tokyo, and Professor Yahagi of Keio University. Everywhere I was welcomed with warm hospitality and affection. Anytime when I did not understand, they were always there to explain with such a great patience and helpfulness.

 As William Athur Ward, an American writer, once said “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”. I would like to conclude by saying: “Thank you Japan, you truly inspired me”.

Dr. Muhammad Kamran Hassan

Dr. Muhammad Kamran Hassan  The Japanese Society of Gastroenterology, Research Fellowship Award Program was a great opportunity not only to learn advanced diagnostic and therapeutic gastrointestinal techniques but, working in state of the art centers under the supervision of world class gastroenterologists contributed a lot in grooming my overall professional insight in the field of gastroenterology. I am thankful to Professor Dr. Kentaro Sugano, Professor Dr. Tooru Shimosegawa and all the members of the Internationl Committee of JSGE for selecting me for such a highly prestigious award.

The friendly, loving and hospitable attitude of Professor Dr. Mototsugu Kato and all of his team members here in the Hokkaido University Hospital, Sapporo is an unforgettable experience for me. I was exposed to many training sessions including STEPS ( Sapporo Therapeutic Endoscopy Practice Seminar). I learned many new techniques, both diagnostic and therapeutic, such as magnification endoscopy, ESD, interventional EUS and EUS FNA.

JDDW was a well organised and highly scientific event. The enthusiasm and devotion for innovation, research and development of the Japanese Doctors was evident by the huge number of participants and the quality of the research work presented in JDDW. The international hands on ESD workshop was an excellent addition. I suggest that it may be preceded by state of the art lectures by the Japanese trainers regarding the ESD technique, instruments and accessories used and the problems faced during and after ESD.

Regarding the duration of the Research Fellowship, I think it is too short. If possible JSGE may introduce diploma progarmes in advanced clinical gastroenterology of at least six months duration which will be more helpful for disseminating the Japanese techniques in other regions of the world. One of my assets during this period are my new Japanese friends. I am sure this friendship will become more deep with the passage of time for the nobel cause of caring for the sick and needy. Long live JSGE long live Japan.

Dr Muhammad Kamran Hassan

JSGE research fellowship awardee 2014.

Dr. Kewin Tien Ho Siah

Dr. Kewin Tien Ho Siah  I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside the great scientists and physicians of KPUM for 4 months. KPUM is truly one of the top research units, which in addition is a state-of-the-art endoscopy centre. At KPUM, I have been privileged to have gleaned some insight about image enhanced endoscopy, advanced colonoscopy and best practices on ESD. With the generous guidance of Naito Sensei, Itoh Sensei, Konishi Sensei and especially Yoshida Sensei, I have been able to embark on research projects in novel endoscopy techniques and innovative products. I even had the opportunity to be principal investigator of an endoscopy study, which will hopefully continue to foster my close working relationship with KPUM and lead to many publications to come. I hope that my departure from KPUM marks the beginning of a continued collaboration, but most of all a long lasting friendship.

Thank you, .ありがとうございました.