Japanese Society of Gastroenterology

Membership Dues

Annual Membership Dues for International Members

Annual Membership Dues: Japanese Yen 18,000 only

The dues cover the period from January to December of the year in which the payment is made.
Please note that it will not cover the payment for the next year even if you made the payment sometime during the year (ex. even if you made the payment in October, you will still need to pay the full membership dues for the following year).
Once you become our member, you are entitled to enjoy privileges, including reading our Journals.

How to make the payment
The year you become our member:

  1. The bank account information for the payment shall be advised to you by Email soon after your application is approved.
  2. Please remit the membership dues to the account advised as above.
  3. Your membership shall commence on the date we acknowledge your payment of the dues (subject to the sufficiency of your application).
  4. Shortly thereafter, you will receive acknowledgement of your payment by Email from us.

From the second year:

  1. Please remit the membership dues to the account advised in our invoice.

Except for the first year, the membership dues should be paid by 30 June.

Please be informed that, without the payment, we will suspend your rights to read our Journals starting from July. No payment of the dues for two years in a row will lead to dismissal.

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